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Biobased construction materials

Objectives: develop further understanding of biobased building materials

Main research topics :

  •  evaluation of their durability
  •  development of multidisciplinary analyses, from physicochemical and microstructural properties to their functional properties
  •  studies of materials at different scales, from the material in the laboratory to the constructive system and real buildings

Researchers involved: Sandrine Marceau, Laetitia Van Schoors, Fabienne Farcas, Marielle Guéguen-Minerbe

Biobased materials at CPDM laboratory

Participation to research networks

    TC 236-BBM Bio-aggregates based building materials,
    TC 275-HDB Hygrothermal behaviour and Durability of Bio-aggregate based building materials


  • Animation of Biobased Construction Materials Reserch Group (GdR MBS)